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Rainbow Chairs

For this coming school year I decided it is time to give the classroom stools a face lift. Previously the stools had numbers 1-4 painted on them. I did this my very first year of teaching in hopes I could use the numbers to dish out jobs and other odd things. Unfortunately the plan did not work as well as hoped because not every table was always filled with 4 students. So after the first year I kind of forgot about using the numbers, but the kids definitely did not. I am hoping this new transformation eliminates arguments about what number they sit on. But, Unfortunately I am sure they will find something else. This fun idea was inspired by Cassie Stephens garbage can transformation.

In my classroom I have six tables in my classroom each table has four chairs. Each table also has a color associated with it as well as an artist. I am excited to have matching chairs with the table color!

The Process

1. For the first coat I spray painted all the tops of the stools black. I just held up a piece of poster bored to avoid spraying the legs.

2. Then I taped them using different thickness to add some variation.

3. After the tape I added a little bit more white spray paint over the top in hopes it would create a value scale of sorts.

4. After that I sprayed 4 at a time covering all the colors of the rainbow.

5. Then was the fun part getting to peel all the tape!

6. Once the spray paint completely dried I went over all the tops with a polyurethane in hopes this will help make them last a little longer.

The entire process took only about 4 hours to paint 24 chairs. But I did find this tool to be very helpful it just hooked onto the top of the spray bottles and was a huge lifesaver.

The entire process took one can of each color and about two cans of black and two cans of white spray paint. I did discover it was worth spending little more money on the nicer spray paints because some of the tape peeled off the cheaper spray paint.

Overall it was a pretty painless project and I can't wait to see how the kids respond to the chairs. Heres to hoping for a more organized classroom for the up coming year with a lot less eye twitches.

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