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Out of this World "Giving Bowls" Event

For the past 7 years I have had the honor to continue an event that the amazing art teacher Bridget Reil started while she taught at our school district. Every year I have tried to spice it up with different themes. This year being the year of the eclipse I wanted to do an outer-space theme. After working on some of the possible projects I decided to add the additional element of a black light art show.

The 5th Graders started the year with a space-scape. This is a great way to introduce the multiple ways one can create the illusion of space in their artwork.

My wonderful student teacher from UWEC did an adinkra cloth project with 4th grade students. We used florescent paint to print their personalized symbols carved out of a small linoleum plates.

3rd grade students worked with pointillism and science to create some super fun planets inside of a nebula.

2nd Graders had a lot of fun making these planet pinch pots with an alien inside. My student teacher designed this lessons. Students painted them with Crayola Florescent Paint. We finished them off with a glitter acrylic glaze.

1st grade students created some texture aliens and used florescent tempera cakes from Jack Richeson to make them glow. We also added an alien planet in the background using florescent crayons. I introduced them to all the different textures you can find on animals to inspire the textures they used for their aliens.

Kindergarten students were introduced to secondary colors with these fun textured rocket ships. Students used Crayola Florescent Tempera paint to create paste paper for their rockets. They then collaged different items (Pipe cleaners, feathers, string) onto their rocket to add details. For a final touch they used florescent crayons to add hidden planets and aliens into the back ground.

During the event we covered the hallway walls with black paper and even blocked it off by making a wall of black paper on each end of the show. Inside the show we had all different kinds of black lights to display the works. I also had lots of student helpers that were tour guides and handed out and carried hand held black lights.

Inside the gym we had all of the Giving bowls laid out for peopled to choose and a chicken and rocket ship soup.

Student helpers also had both for making slime and rocket ships. But I think the most popular booth was most definitely the florescent face painting both. I have some wonderful community members(Ann Wrzosek-Manor and Rachel Lane) that always volunteer their amazing talents to help out with our art shows. You can see more of Rachel Lanes work by following the link:

The kids loved seeing their faces glow in the black lights.

It was another wonderful "Giving Bowls Event" we raised over $400 dollars for our local food pantry. I can't wait to see what the kids come up with for next year.

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