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Britto Inspired Dino's

This was the perfect project for my second graders. It combined two things I wanted to introduce them to Dinosaurs and Romero Britto!

On the first day I read them a dinosaur story and had them draw any dinosaur they wanted. I provided them with some how to draw dino worksheets I found on pinterest for those intimidated by drawing dino's. You can check these worksheets out by clicking the link bellow.

On the second day I had them outline their dinosaur with sharpie and divide it into at least 4 different sections. They had to come up with 3 different patterns and use these patterns to fill up their spaces. We looked at a lot of Britto's artwork and talked about how he repeated different patterns but in different ways by changing the color or size of the pattern. After that students started to color their dinosaurs.

On the last day of the project we finished coloring and cut out our dinosaurs. We glued them onto florescent construction paper. For the finishing touch we took sharpies and continued some of our black lines onto the background where we add our pattern but enlarged the design.

This was such a fun project for my second graders they love dinosaurs and loved looking at Romero Britto's artwork. What projects have you done with Romero Britto?


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