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2nd Graders went Bug eyed over Levon Biss

My students fell in love with Levon Biss's artwork during this project! The amazing Devon Calvert first did this project last year and I loved it so much I had to try it. You can check out his blog post here: For this project we used painted and printed newspaper that we made with author illustrator Jeanne Styczinski, you can check out her work

​On the first day of this project we watched this great video about what an insect is. I then shared a short Power Point on Levon Biss and we identified the different parts of the insect and talked about how they are shaped. We also talked about how each one was symmetrical. I demoed how to fold their painted paper in half and draw half of the insects abdomen on the folded edge, cut and glued onto their black paper. I let students use one of Levon Biss's images or find an image on the iPad that they wanted to use, but it did have to be symmetrical.

On the second day we watched a great youtube video on Levon Biss's process and reviewed the different parts of and insect and what makes and insect and insect. Students then moved on to adding the head and thorax to their insects and if they had time they could add other details such as eyes or legs. I quickly review hot to cut out something symmetrical by folding paper in half and drawing and cutting out on folded edge. I also demoed how to cut out to pieces for things like eyes and legs by not cutting on the folded edge so I have two pieces instead of one.

On the last day of the project we put on any finishing touches to our insects and did a short assessment on insects, symmetry, and Levon Biss. All of the students wanted me to tell Levon Biss that they loved him and his work. They also gained a new appreciation for insects and their important role inner world. This was a super awesome project and I can't wait to do it again next year.

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