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We Felted and Survived!

I think I might be going a little crazy. I attempted needle felting with 4th grade. I know, what was I thinking. The great part is we all came out alive and many kiddo's found a new hobby! That's right, they loved it, the ladies and the gentlemen.

On the first day of this project I introduced the students to Jim Dine and his heart inspired pieces. We then talked about analogous and Tertiary color schemes. Student chose a color scheme and sketched out our compositions .

On the second day of the project I introduced them to needle felting and students got started! I gave them two days to needle felt and on the last day we used black yarn to create outlines of our hearts and made the fun textured boarder.

Some tips and tricks I learned from the process, buy lots of extra needles! And use a foam take-out container to store needles! I numbered mine so I knew I didn't have any needles floating around my room.

What are some needle felting projects you have done?

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