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Vendor Love: A Visit From Nasco

We are so lucky to live in the same state that Nasco's based out of! We recently had a visit from the amazing Nasco representative Eileen Schwenn. Eileen was able to bring a class set of their brand new mono print plates. I have been wanting to incorporate Mono printing into my curriculum but could not justify purchasing the Gelli plates. Nasco has developed a plate similar to the Gelli plates but it is much more durable and the price is right! My 3rd and 4th grade students got to spend their 40 minute class playing and experimenting with these new plates. Let me tell you my student teacher and I were making just as many ohh's and ahhhh's as the students. It was so fun getting to see the students play and experiment with these amazing products.

It was such a blast seeing the kids enjoying themselves during Eileen's visit but one of the bests parts was the goodie bags that Eileen left with us. Eileen left the entire class set of mono plates, paint, and paper! She also gave each art teacher a goodie bag filled with samples of new products and Cray-pens!!!!! I might go as far to say that it was even better than Christmas. Eileen was also very excited to get suggestions for products from us and man did we have a list. I highly recommend you contact your Nasco representative and get them to come visit you. It will definitely be a highlight of my school year.

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