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Needle Felted Paint Palette Headbands

Doesn't every art teacher need one of these? I think so! Its even better when you have half of your school wearing them!

We created these during an after school art party as a quick fundraiser for the art department. Here are the quick easy steps we used to make these adorable paint pallet headbands.

I first started by prepping the materials, I made a really simple paint pallet tracer to trace the felt and cut it out. You could have your students do this part but I wasn't sure how we would be doing time wise. I then took old posters and created a smaller paint pallet shape to sandwich between the two felt pieces.

The first thing I had the kids do was lay out the roving in the order they wanted it. Once students were done needle felting we had them decide how they wanted the pallet to lay on their head then taped the poster board pallet to the head band. We put tacky fabric glue around the edge of the bottom piece of felt. Attached the top piece of felt and taped edges to make sure it stayed in place while it dried.

The last thing we did was take E6000 glue to attache the paint brush to the pallet. This was a super easy super fun event that the kids really enjoyed. Starbucks in not included but highly recommended during the making of this project.

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